Accurately Measured, Accurately Drawn: As Built Floor Plan Service Specializes in Cutting Edge Technology to Create Contra Costa County’s Most Precise Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Floor Plans

Our Services

Basic as-built field survey + CAD file

Entire buildings and/or individual suite plans

Color coded Lease Analysis + detailed spread sheet, typically to ANSI / BOMA standards

Plot electrical / data / phone jacks

Reflective ceiling plans

Fire Safety Plans

Scaled enlargement plots

Electronic files—DWG, DXF, DGN

Graphic files—PDF, TIFF, JPG

Colorized floor plans / stacking plans

Why Us?

Contra Costa County building owners rely on As Built Floor Plan Service to provide CAD software for renovations, property acquisitions/takeovers, expansions, pre-lease site assessments. Our expertise and technology allow us to align and arrange everything perfectly. CAD’s “intelligent” Snap Tools automatically align walls, doors, windows, and other building symbols for added precision. The technology is so impressive that it really needs to be seen in action to be fully appreciated. If you are considering renovating or acquiring any commercial or residential real estate properties throughout the Contra Costa County community, the place to begin your planning and construction process is right here, with As Built Floor Plan Service.


Greatest and latest in software and technology.


Professional measurement and computation of square footage


Area calculations made to BOMA, local, or your custom standards


Priced from Pennies Per Square Foot


Unsurpassed Accuracy


Unrivaled Value